About us


Starting from a small, neighborhood business in Pheonix, we set out to build a company with only one thing in our minds: our customers. We understood that customized service is the future because each client is special and has individual, specific needs. Our business is unique because we try to combine the uniformity of an efficient, large business with the creativity and innovation of a more individual, customized approach.

Our team is well-trained and experienced and can handle any waste management task. Our employees understand the importance of the work they are doing. Our client is the focal point of our business efforts, and we always try to find ways to accommodate our clients’ wishes. It can prove to be a challenge sometimes, but challenges are what drives us ahead and allow us to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Learning about the needs of the community and creating new and innovative ways to adapt to local needs are essential for a successful business. It is why we listen to our clients and improve our service constantly. Today, we strive to position ourselves as a leader in the waste management industry in Pheonix and to work according to highest environmental and ethical standards.

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