Rent a dumpster and clean out your garage

Ever get the impression that your garage is too small? It is time to rent a dumpster. At one point in our lives, we all stop parking our cars in the garage. We simply leave it on the drive way because we have no more space in the garage. It happens when things start to pile up and the best way to get rid of them, for the time being, is to shove them into the garage. Until there is no more space left and so much junk just has to go. Time for a dumpster.

Get rid of the junk

Post3aOf course, not all of the stuff you got in your garage will be headed for the dumpster, and, ultimately, the landfill, but you will surely have a lot of things to dispose of. Your job is to determine the size of the project and the approximate amount of waste you will be clearing out. Having that in mind, you can order the dumpster of the right size and avoid overpaying for an oversized dumpster. For most garage clean-ups, a  ten cubic yard dumpster will be just enough. If you are moving or clearing out a whole house, you will have to think bigger and order a larger dumpster.

Usual dumpster sizes

Post3bMost dumpster rental businesses offer dumpster in  4 or 5 standard
sizes. We already mentioned the 10-yard ones, but you can also order 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard dumpster. The larger the job, the larger dumpster will have you need.